Ashraya Hastha Trust supports Swasti to implement its ‘Invest for Wellness’ programme, which proactively prevents diseases/conditions among marginalised communities, treats a range of diseases, and provides basic primary care.

Invest for Wellness for marginalised communities 

The programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the poor by integrating medicine, social and behavior change and financing layered on community institutions. This will result in an increased number of healthy days which can improve their productivity and decrease the out-of-pocket expenditure on health issues.

Specifically, the grant support will achieve the following objectives.

  • Facilitating sustained access to health and wellbeing services to protect the health and wealth of marginalised communities
  • Building capacities of community organisations to mobilise resources, to conduct activities desired by their members 
  • Improving access to financial security, through relevant products as well as access to preventive health services

Invest for Wellness for children and adolescents

The Trust supports Swasti’s ‘Invest for Wellness – School’ programme to build schools as safe, secure and wellbeing promoting spaces. The programme seeks to redefine a school system by incorporating actions that promote the social, emotional, physical and environmental wellbeing of children and adolescents.

The specific objectives of the programme are as follows.

  • Schools as safe, secure and well-being promoting spaces
  • Adolescents have a well-defined support system
  • Adolescents have increased coping and resilience
  • Families lead a healthy lifestyle

Food distribution for families of people living with HIV/AIDS 

As part of the COVID-19 response work, the Trust funded ration kits for 5000 families of people living with HIV/AIDS in five states of India.

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