Healthcare Infrastructure Provision - Ashraya Hastha Trust
Healthcare Infrastructure Provision - Ashraya Hastha Trust

Ashraya Hastha Trust has been a long time collaborator of Narayana Health with continued and varied grants being given to strengthen the hospital services and care.  

Donation of Personal Protective Equipments in COVID-19 hotspots

We donated PPEs worth ₹ 50 lakhs and 100 ventilators to hospitals located in government identified COVID-19 hotspots in consultation with Narayana Healthcare. 

Mobile Cardiac Diagnostic Lab 

The grant supported a fully equipped Mobile Cardiac Laboratory to make specialty cardiac care accessible and affordable to patients in villages, towns and semi-urban areas. Since 2002, this innovative healthcare delivery system has helped early diagnosis of cardiac diseases in approximately 1 million patients in Karnataka and Kolkata.

Setting up an organ transplant wing 

The grant helped set up an advanced operation theatre for liver transplants at Narayana Health in Karnataka.

Enhanced number of beds for the poor at Narayana Health City

The Trust sponsored 200 beds for treatment of patients from low income communities in the Narayana Health hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Establishment of a Cancer Centre 

The grant established Major S. Nanjundiah and Shanta Nanjundiah Cancer Centre at Narayana Health Multispeciality Hospital in Mysuru, Karnataka. It provided a Linear Accelerator for sophisticated secondary cancer treatment for the poor and needy patients in the hospital. 

Distribution of Baby Warmers/Incubators 

Ashaya Hastha Trust in consultation with Narayana Health provided Baby Warmers/Incubators to identified government hospitals.

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