Ongoing Projects


Comprehensive healthcare for marginalised communities, adolescents and children

Improving the health and wellbeing of women in sex work, men who have sex with men and transgender persons; and adolescents and children in schools.

byAHT inEducation, Emergency Response, Health
Healthcare Infrastructure Provision - Ashraya Hastha Trust

Healthcare infrastructure provision

Enhancing infrastructure provision for better delivery of healthcare

byAHT inHealth

Building capacities of rural communities for sustainable change

Infrastructure support to implement sustainable and inclusive solutions to education, unemployment and malnutrition problems in rural India.

byAHT inEducation
Alternatives to Animal Experiments, Mitigating Human-animal Conflict - Ashraya Hastha Trust

Alternatives to animal experiments, mitigating human-animal conflict

Supporting research, discourses and collaboration on using in-vitro methods as an alternative to animal testing; reducing human-animal conflict.

byAHT inAnimal Welfare
Feeding Animals Affected By Food Shortage During Covid-19 - Ashraya Hastha Trust

Feeding animals affected by food shortage during COVID-19

Making food available to stray animals and those in animal shelters during the COVID-19 lockdown.

byAHT inAnimal Welfare, Emergency Response