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Assam Flood Relief
Lent a helping hand with Assam flood relief and rehabilitation
<i>Assam</i> <span>Flood Relief</span> <i>Assam</i> <span>Flood Relief</span>
Rapid Rural Community Response to COVID-19 (RCRC) is a national coalition of 20+ NGOs that came into existence in late March 2020 to enable a rapid response to help rural communities affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns. In August 2022, a massive flood hit Assam and out of 33 districts, 23 are still to recover from the widespread destruction to life and property.
3,000 villages across Assam were severely impacted by the flood.
How we support them
Ashraya Hastha Trust partnered with six leading nonprofits through RCRC to help 4.3 lakh people with dry ration kits, hygiene kits and temporary shelters in villages most affected by the flood. RCRC and NGOs members delivered immediate support to families who were worst affected by the flood.
At a glance
Kamrup, Darrang, Nalbari, Baksa, and Barpeta districts
August 2022

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