Durga India
Advocating for gender-equitable public spaces free from any threat of sexual harassment
<span>Durga</span> India <span>Durga</span> India
Durga is a unique citizen’s initiative to help women and girls harness important life skills to deter crime. Their interventions help women and girls understand sexual harassment, their social environment, and their response mechanism. Durga also actively engages with men to educate them on how they can participate in making public spaces safe for women.
How we support them
The grant from Ashraya Hastha Trust has helped Durga India to equip women and girls with the confidence and tools to harness their potential to advocate for safe public spaces, and create allies at the individual, organisational, community, and systems level to deter sexual harassment in any and all forms.
At a glance
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2020 — 2023

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