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Promoting sustainable beekeeping to enhance biodiversity and increase agricultural productivity
Under the Mango <br><span>Tree Society</span> Under the Mango <br><span>Tree Society</span>
Under the Mango Tree (UTMT) Society works with small farmers in tribal communities on beekeeping with indigenous bees. This leads to conservation of the keystone species of local honeybees, increased yields and incomes for farming communities through better pollination and additional livelihoods. By advancing sustainable community-based beekeeping with indigenous bees, UTMT Society seeks to improve biodiversity management and ecosystem services for smallholders, a cost-effective way to adapt to climate change.
How we support them
The grant from Ashraya Hastha Trust will help develop a replicable approach to promote sustainable honey bee practices and livelihood diversification among tribal smallholders in the Dang district of Gujarat.
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Dang district
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